Golisi S32 IMR20700 3200mAh (2pc) with a battery case

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Manufactured by Golisi, these 20700 sized battery cells will keep you vaping with plenty of power! Golisi rates these cells as having a continuous discharge rating of 30A and a total power capacity of 3200mAh.

Note: This is a 20700 sized battery, and will only work in mods designed for batteries of this size. It will not fit in mods that only support 18650 batteries.

Price shown is for 2 batteries.

Golisi S32 IMR20700 3200mAh 30A Battery Features:
Dimensions: 20mm x 70mm
Continuous discharge rating: 30A
Capacity: 3200mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Cut off charging Voltage: 4.2V
Lifetime Cycles: >800

Battery Safety Basics

Do not overcharge or over-discharge.

To combat this, do not leave your batteries in any charger without supervision. Make sure that you are able to see or check on the charger every 15-30 minutes. This way when the charger indicates that the batteries have been fully charged, you can remove them from the charger. Leaving batteries in a charger all night long or longer can cause them to be overcharged, which can result in battery failure. Charging your battery over 4.25 volts can shorten its life-cycle and going over 4.5 volts can cause it to burst. Cease using your charger if this ever happens.

Recharge batteries with a resting voltage below 3.6V as soon as possible.

Leaving LiIon batteries in a discharged state will incur irreversible damage – creating a loss in capacity and a loss in cycles.

Determining the exact voltage can be tricky, unless you have a multimeter. If you are delving into the world of mechanical mods and RBAs (ReBuildable Atomizers), or making your own coils, a multimeter is a must have device because you can use it to test your coils and your batteries. Sure, you can always use a battery tester, but the majority of battery testers are not equipped for the types of batteries that are used in mods, or even test batteries under load condition.

Do not short circuit your batteries.

Short circuiting can cause a huge surge of current that will potentially burn out your battery, damage your mod, or even your face!

Short circuits happen when the voltage from a battery is discharged through a low resistance wire at a discharge rate that exceeds the battery’s upper amp limit. Short circuiting a battery is very close to what a mechanical mod with a sub-ohm coil is doing, except you are trying to keep the resistance under the upper amp limit – there’s a fine line that you have to be careful of when sub-ohming. 

Do not let your batteries touch each other or other metallic items. 

Keeping your batteries loose, such as in your pockets, is a good way to have your batteries fail and seriously harm you. There are battery holders and covers to keep your batteries safe. Get some – now.

Do not dispose any battery in a fire.

This is just common sense people. There are dangerous chemicals in batteries. If you try to burn your batteries they’ll release dangerous fumes and will probably explode. Do yourself, and the rest of the world, a favor by taking your old batteries to a battery recycling center.


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